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(for Ages 2 -7)

 Kindergarten Curriculum
(for Ages 4 - 5)

Primary Curriculum
(for Ages 6 - 8)

Elementary Curriculum
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Welcome to the home of the Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum

written and compiled by 
Katrina Lybbert

Curriculum at Brightly Beaming Resources
by Katrina Lybbert

Nursery Curriculum for Babies and Toddlers
Brightly Beaming Baby
(Nursery Age 0)
Brightly Beaming Toddler
(Nursery Age 1)

Brightly Beaming Steps to Reading Program
This program is adaptable to many ages. 
Start at the appropriate step according to the current knowledge your child has.

Step One:  Preparatory Curriculum
(Teaches child to recognize letters, numbers, colors and shapes.)
(For approximately ages 2 - 4)

Step Two:  Letter of the Week 
(Teaches child the sounds of the letters of the alphabet.)
(For approximately ages 2 - 5)

Step Three:  Sound of the Week
(Teaches child more sounds (phonics) required for reading success.)
(For approximately ages 3 - 6)

Step Four:  Story of the Week
(Teaches child to read simple stories.)
(For approximately ages 4 - 7)

Kindergarten Curriculum
Science of the Week
(Kindergarten Ages 4 & 5)
Country of the Week
(Kindergarten Ages 4 & 5)
SpellBright Level One
(Kindergarten Age 5)

Primary Curriculum
SpellBright Level Two
(Primary Age 6)
Primary Journal Ideas
(Primary Ages 6 - 8)
Orchestral Beams
(Primary Ages 6 - 8)

Elementary Curriculum
Blazers of Greatness
(Elementary Ages 9 - 11)

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